St Abbs

August 4th and 5th 2018 £295.00

The sleepy fishing village of St Abbs Located in the beautiful Scottish borders, just north of Berwick upon Tweed.

Diving St Abbs

The St Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve contains relatively deep water close inshore and strong tidal movement which combine to provide some of the easiest and best shore diving in Britain

A big attraction when diving St Abbs is Cathedral Rock with its unique double archway which is a “must see” for any visiting diver. At Big Green Carr.. you will find lots of beautiful walls, hopefully the resident wolf fish and on the seaward side, a sharply undercut wall full of holes and cracks known as the Amphitheatre. This is likely to be occupied by squat and common lobsters, velvet fiddler crabs, Yarrell’s blennies and occasionally, the elusive tadpole fish.

Seagull Rock has good vertical walls but these lead down largely to sand at about 12m. This is probably the most sheltered site in the area and this, combined with the reflective quality of the sand, means that the very best visibility can usually be found here. At the rear of Seagull Rock is a huge crack probably 4m wide, running from the surface to the sea bed.

The St Abbs coastline is varied, dramatic and rugged, cut with caves, gullies, canyons and sheer cliffs. Diving through one of the many submarine tunnels and along the cliff faces is truly exhilarating.

The dives within the confines of the marine reserve range from easy, gently sloping shore dives to challenging drift dives in difficult tidal conditions.
The predominant feature of the shoreline is the rocky cliffs, extending under water to encompass a lush kelp forest, submarine reefs and offshore sea mounts.
The light current that flows down the east coast brings planktonic travelers from both the Gulf Stream and a colder Arctic stream. Consequently, the cliff faces are covered in soft corals, brilliantly coloured anemones, hydroids and tunicate’s, with fish and crustaceans of differing marine biological systems living happily alongside each other.

Due to this incredible diversity of sea life, the Marine Conservation Society lists the reserve as being one of the best diving locations in the whole of the British Isles.


Tanks weights air , 4 boat dives, Bunk House accommodation and breakfast for 2 nights.

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Dive equipment, £25 per day, suit hire £18 per day.

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