Why Choose Big Squid?


We select our instructors and divemasters carefully. They all have significant experience, patience, organisational skills, and the ability to relate to people. They all remember that diving is fun!

Very Small Sizes:

In the open-water, we have a maximum of three students with one instructor. In confined-water, a maximum of four students with one instructor.


We pay our team members, resulting in a high level of motivation and professionalism.


We work strictly within the guidelines established by the HSE. These include proper team size and instructor to student ratios.


All our equipment is regularly serviced and maintained within HSE guidelines. You will have access to the latest equipment during your training.


Our Dive centre offers a relaxing learning environment. Our carefully selected swimming pools provide an ideal training environment. (You won’t find yourself sharing a pool with swimmers.)

Hidden Costs:

We will inform you in advance of your course of any extra costs you may incur. You won’t be charged separately for course materials, air fills, or equipment as they are all included in our course prices.

Free Dive Club:

After training, you are welcome to join our dive club. Regular UK dive trips are advertised to diving club members first. Diving club members also get the first option on our diving trips We also have a range of regular social events that you can attend.


We regularly organise barbecues, paintball, picnics, ice skating, tapas, and much more. You can keep up to date on the Big Squid Facebook page.