Closed for a dive trip between the 19th and 23rd April

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We have pool sessions on the 10th,14th and 24th of April. Trips are listed for 2024, you can find them here.

Our next dive club night is on Tuesday, the 7th May at the Clapham Tap.

We have arranged a trip to The Maldives on a liveaboard for 1 week leaving on the 26th of October,

Big Squid Merchandise is now available for hoodies, t-shirts and more.

Welcome to Big Squid 5* PADI Scuba Diving Centre in London.

Congratulations, you found our scuba diving centre! We offer a full range of PADI and SSI scuba diving courses, an active dive club, equipment sales, equipment hire, and air fills.

The scuba diving centre is located in Clapham North and has excellent transportation links. We are close to Clapham North Tube Station on the Northern Line and Clapham High Street overground station. 

There is parking available outside the dive centre.

Unit 2F Clapham North Arts Centre, 26-32 Voltaire Road, London SW4 6DH

Scuba Diving Courses

You may wish to learn to dive or already dive or to continue your scuba diving education. We offer a range of PADI courses from taster sessions and beginners courses all the way up to professional level.

We are also an SSI Dive centre and are able to offer a range of SSI Courses.

Diving Travel

We offer scuba diving trips in the UK and abroad. Big Squid run several diving trips throughout the UK. Two of our most popular destinations are Portland in Dorset and Lundy island just off the coast of Devon. Both are suitable for all levels of divers, and each offers its own unique UK diving experience. 

Marsa Shagra in Egypt is one of our favourite foreign destinations. This small settlement has its own house reef which offers diving at a range of depths both shallow and deep dive sites. The location is ideal for those with all levels of experience.

Scuba Equipment Sales

We offer equipment sales from our dive shop in Clapham. We stock equipment from a variety of top brands and can obtain equipment quickly if it is not in stock. We aim to price match if you find the item cheaper online. We also have a large amount of used equipment which is in excellent condition available. We also offer scuba diving gift vouchers, compressed air fills to 300 bar.

Equipment Servicing + Scuba Equipment Hire

We service most brands of dive equipment and most items including, regulators, BCD’s, cylinders, dive computers and drysuits

We offer a range of diving equipment for hire, from full sets of kit including, drysuits to individual items.

Happy Easter Squids from Eco Squid (Faye) xx 🐰 Easter from the Seaster Bunny! 🐰 Don't be fooled, this little guy is actually a seaslug, a member of the nudibranch family. They’re our favourite Easter character of the ocean with their bunny ear like rhinophore on their heads. They use these sensory tentacles for smell and despite looking cute are very toxic.

Discover some other amazing species of sea slug over on our blog:
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Happy Easter Squids from Eco Squid (Faye) xx 🐰

And a little Lundy love from Eco Squid (Faye) xx 🥰💕❤️ Faithful lovers….. The puffin ❤️

These adorable birds are serious romantics at heart.
Puffins mate for life and return to the same breeding colonies year after year, where they engage in elaborate courtship rituals. Males puff out their chests, present gifts of beaks full of fish, and even engage in playful
"beak-fencing" duels to impress potential mates. Once paired, they collaborate in raising their chicks, sharing incubation and chick-rearing duties.

Happy Valentine’s Day

📸 Phill Longshaw
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And a little Lundy love from Eco Squid (Faye) xx 🥰💕

A little Valentine's trivia from Eco Squid (Faye) 😆. Have a great day all whether you celebrate the day or not 💕 Valentine's day! 💞

Did you know that the female Atlantic Wolffish court the males?

Females will identify a desirable male and “court” him by swimming around the male and rubbing against his body. Once an Atlantic wolffish has chosen a mate, they rarely breed with another.


Oeddech chi'n gwybod bod y fenyw Iwerydd Wolffish yn llys y gwrywod?

Bydd y merched yn ffeindio gwryw dymunol ac yn ei “lysu” trwy nofio o amgylch y gwryw a rhwbio yn erbyn ei gorff. Unwaith y bydd blaidd môr yr Iwerydd wedi dewis cymar, anaml y byddant yn bridio gydag un arall.
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A little Valentines trivia from Eco Squid (Faye) 😆. Have a great day all whether you celebrate the day or not 💕
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