kevin by the van

My first experience of diving was a try dive on holiday in Rhodes in 1994. I qualified as an Open Water Diver in 1996. Looking back now it’s hard to imagine I’ve been diving for over 20 years and working as a Divemaster for 14 years.

As a Divemaster in the UK, I’ve had a mixed bag of diving experiences, from teaching in a pool to a broad spectrum of open water dives in the sea and inland water.

My favourite UK dive site is Lundy though my favourite wreck is the Scylla off the coast of Plymouth.

What I love most about diving is the feeling of weightlessness and the incredible marine life I get to see.

I’ve spent a small fortune on equipment over the years but I believe it’s important to buy good quality gear that will last – much of my kit I’ve had a few years – I still have a drysuit I bought 15 years ago and a set of regs from 18 years ago.

My advice to new divers or anyone wanting to improve is to dive with those more experienced and to spend lots of time in the water. When thinking about buying kit, seek advice and start with lower cost items.