One of Big Squid’s main training venues.

Located near Windsor and only a 45 minute drive from central London, the lake offers diving facilities for training and pleasure. The maximum depth of the lake is 14 metres,

This is an ideal training lake, it is challenging, but that will give you the edge when you make the transition to diving overseas.
The open water training area has platforms at depths of 6 meters. Visibility and temperature vary with the season amount of divers and time of day although it usually clearer during the colder months.

The lake is surrounded by vegetation, which gradually slopes down to the lake bed which is comprised of clay. There are carp, pike, tench, eels, crayfish and perch in the lake.

Sunken features have been added to the lake bed to provide interest and waypoints for navigation. These include sunken boats, a fruit machine, volkswagen van, bus,. London taxi, sunken boats and a huge steel container. Another feature is the trench of hell where you can descend through a crack in the lake bed, see the unusual features of the trench walls and confront the traffic lights of doom.



Prices & Facilities

Entry fees are £10 per day to the site. The site offers reasonably prices sandwiches and drinks. There is a compressor, toilet and changing facilities.