scuba diving in Cornwall

Scuba Diving in Cornwall

09-10 September 2023 £385.00 (Trip Full)

Cornwall is one of the best diving areas in the UK. The famous coastline, washed by the warm, clear waters of the Atlantic Gulf Stream, bring excellent underwater visibility.

We will be staying in beachfront accommodation and diving from a boat with space for 12 divers. Over 100 ships are known to have been wrecked here, including the famous Mohegan. In addition to wreck diving, the Manacles offer beautiful scenic dives at a range of depths.

 There are rocky pinnacles to explore, such as Raglan Rock, Penwin and Vase Rock. 

The area is teeming with anemones, crustaceans and fish.

Another nearby dive site is the wreck of the cargo ship “Volnay” which sank, without loss of life, in mid-December 1917. This steamer was arriving from Canada with supplies of ammunition for the Western Front. The cargo also included coffee, sugar, jam, butter and other luxuries that were scarce during the Great War.

There is more information on dive sites here.

  • Tanks,
  • Weight’s,
  • Air,
  • 4 dives,
  • 2 night’s accommodation.
Not included:
  • Transportation to Cornwall
  • Breakfast,
  • Lunch,
  • Dinner,
  • Dive equipment, £30 per day,
  • Wet Suit hire £27.50 per day,
  • Dry Suit hire, £49.00 per day,

Booking, a £200.00 deposit is required; the balance is payable eight weeks before departure.

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