Join Big Squid for some of the best wreck diving in the world, in Truk Lagoon.

2nd-16th October 2016

32 dives including up to 5 night dives £5199.00

After WWI, Japan was given control of Truk (Chuuk) and fortified the lagoon into becoming one of their largest naval bases. It was from here that the Japanese fleet launched their attack on the US’ Pearl Harbor in 1941.

The ensuing retaliation of “Operation Hailstorm” in 1944 resulted in the loss of 61 ships, mostly “Maru” or merchant vessels which had been left at anchor whilst some 200 other vessels were safely evacuated to Palau.
The result has been a collection of shipwrecks of closely packed into a coral lagoon, many of which are with easy reach of recreational divers.

Over the course of our itinerary we will explore many of these wreckages along with reef dives in the inner lagoon.

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