Diving Djibouti with Big Squid 08-16th November 2019 Trip now full

Whale Shark Djibouti
Whale Shark Djibouti

Join Big Squid on this whale shark diving adventure in Djibouti from the 8th November-16th November 2019. We will be diving in the area known as the Goubbert Al Kharab which is acts as a nursery for juvenile whale sharks and the gulf of Tadjoura. The area is home to vibrant reefs and wrecks and a dive site known as the crack which is a triple junction of the African, Somali and Arabian plates and in the Bay of Ghoubbert,

MV Deli Djibouti
MV Deli Liveaboard

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Gulf of Tadjoura Djibouti

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