SSI Open Water Diver Course, a passport to the sea.

Imagine the feeling, down at 18 meters, just you and your buddy, having followed the dive briefing and visualized the dive.

After 20 minutes underwater, feeling confident and exhilarated, you wonder why you didn’t learn to dive before.

Big Squid will get you to this point after expert, comprehensive training. We will prepare you to be ready and furthermore, confident to dive in the open water.

There are three options available with Big Squid in London.


ssi open water diver course

Full SSI Open Water Diver Course £795.00

The full SSI Open Water Diver course uniquely enables you to dive to a depth of 18m with a buddy of the same qualification or above.

The course comprises an eLearning program, five-pool training sessions and also four open water qualifying dives.

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The SSI Open Water Referral Course £495.00

The SSI Open Water Referral Course includes the online development and pool training but excludes the Open Water Qualifying dives.

It enables you to complete your training through any SSI dive centre worldwide within 12 months.

Ideal if you are going on holiday and wish to avoid spending valuable holiday time inside a classroom preferring to be outdoors.

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SSI Open Water Qualifying Dives from £300.00

The open-water qualifying dives are for students who have completed the open-water referral course.

The Open Water Qualifying Dives with Big Squid take place at Wraysbury lake near Windsor. The lake is set up with divers in mind and uniquely boasts many underwater attractions.

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