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Scuba Equipment Servicing

scuba equipment servicing

Scuba Equipment Servicing

Big Squid offer you scuba equipment servicing on a wide of diving equipment from all the popular brands. Simply drop off  or post your diving equipment to us at our dive shop in Clapham, London or contact us and send it by post.

We let you know when your equipment is ready for collection. You can either collect or we can arrange for it to be delivered back to you.

All regulator, cylinder and BCD servicing is presented to you with a certificate of service.

Our highly qualified technicians service most brands.

Regulators and BCDs should be serviced every 100 dives or every year, whichever comes first. (there are exceptions}

Turnaround Time


Scuba Equipment Servicing Rates


Prices - What to expect


Prices - What to expect


O2 clean only £39.00
Hydrostatic test and valve servicing £58.00
Visual inspection and valve service £48.00
O2 cleaning + visual inspection and valve service £65.00
O2 cleaning + hydrostatic inspection and valve service £75.00
Shot blast ( if required ) £21.00
Valve service including parts £30.00

Dive computers (waterproof test and battery change)

Suunto Stinger, Spyder, D6, D4, D4i, D9 £65.00
Viper, Cobra, Mosquito, Vytec, Gecko, Zoop, Helo2, D3 £57.00
Suunto Transmitter battery change £57.00
Uwatec Pro Sport range £125.00
Uwatec Smart range £125.00
Uwatec Air/ Air Z range £125.00
Uwatec Gallileo £125.00
Uwatec Transmitter £57.00
Oceanic computers £61.00
Mares Nemo £55.00

Citizen watches

Battery change and pressure test £55.00
Other watches £45.00

Dry suits

Latex neck seal £75.00
Latex cuff seal pair £65.00
Neoprene neck seal £95.00
Neoprene wrist seal, pair £75.00
Dry suit boots pair £203.00
Dry suit zip front entry, membrane or neoprene, suit dependant
Dry Suit zip rear entry ( standard Zip) £250.00
Dry Suit zip rear entry ( Heavy Duty Zip) £260.00
Inflator valve service + parts £35.00
Auto dump valve service + parts £35.00
Dry suit pressure test £40.00