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Crewpak – Divemaster with eLearning (English)

Crewpak – Divemaster with eLearning (English)



Divemaster Crewpak #60551

  • 60130 – DSD Slates
  • 60207 – DM Slates
  • 70137 – Pro Training Log

Also includes:

  1. DM eLearning with Skill Demonstration videos
  2. ReActivate
  3. eRDPml
  4. The Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving
  5. Digital Instructor Manual


This Crewpak does not include a Binder or physical Instructor Manual.
The digital part of this crew pack will be uploaded to your account and is not transferrable to other PADI members.
This crew pack’s physical part will be shipped to you.