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What is PADI eLearning?

scuba diving theory online

Scuba diving theory online

PADI eLearning programmes (scuba diving theory online) allows you to study scuba diving theory online using specific programmes designed for pc’s and tablets.


The advantage of scuba diving theory online is that you are able to work at your own pace on your way to and from work  during any spare time that you may have.

Many of the courses once downloaded can be completed without an internet connection.

Programmes are comprised of videos and info graphics and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Most eLearning programmes  allow you to take your exams online.


After completing the programme you will need to take a quick quiz with the  dive centre that you choose to complete your in water training.

Upon completion you will print out an eLearning completion document. A code that was assigned to your online programme is used to process your diving certification once you have completed your course.


A PADI eLearning programme can be purchased directly from PADI. Upon purchasing you will need to affiliate with a dive centre.  You will get a suggestion from PADI as to who to choose.

An alternative is that your local dive centre will send you an access pass and complete the purchasing process for you.


Most scuba courses are available in the eLearning format and more will be available in the future.

Touch programmes are suitable for tablets and eLearning programmes for pc’s. The touch programmes are interactive and work on IOS and android devices.

Course programmes vary in length with the PADI Open Water Course taking most people about 8-10 hours to complete.

Once purchased you will have a year in which to complete the programme although you will have permanent access to the course online manual.

Here is  a list of the PADI eLearning courses that Big Squid offer