Discover Scuba Diving


Discover Scuba Diving Course £95.00

The Discover Scuba Diving course with Big Squid is an exciting taster session that is suitable for anyone who wishes to try scuba diving for the first time.

You will have the opportunity to experience the thrill and weightlessness that comes with being able to breathe underwater.

The Discover Scuba Course takes place within the safe confines of a large heated swimming pool. The class lasts for approximately 2 hours and comprises an introduction to the concepts of pressure and buoyancy. We also teach you about equipment familiarisation and cover all the important safety drills required for this safe and enjoyable experience. Our Instructor to student ratios are small for this class, no more than 2 students with 1 instructor.

Your experience will be recognised by PADI and credit towards any future training that you may choose to do.


  • Meet your Big Squid PADI instructor.
  • Complete a  Discover Scuba Diving knowledge and safety review.
  • Learn how to assemble dive equipment.
  • Don your scuba diving equipment in shallow water.
  • Learn some hand signals and dive safety drills.
  • Take your first breath’s from a regulator.
  • Descend under water.
  • Experience weightlessness.
  • Become neutrally buoyant.
  • Underwater Somersault.
  • Recover a lost regulator.
  • Learn what to do if water gets in your mask.
  • Simply swim underwater at leisure.


Full equipment provided.




1 evening.


Sunday 19.45-21.45 – Dulwich College Sports Club, London, SE21 7LD
Thursday 19.15 -21.00 – Clapham Leisure Centre, London, SW4 6DB

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