Welcome to the Big Squid Newsletter for January- February and March 2018

Thirsty Squid drinks will on Tuesday the 6th February and Tuesday 6th March at the Railway pub in Clapham.
We will be there from 7pm onwards. All are welcome to attend.

Public Consultation on NHS England Plans to Cut Funding For Two Hyperbaric Chambers

Diving Lundy

July 7th and 8th 2018

Why not join us on our tyrip to Luindy Island in July. Lundy is positioned off the coast of North Devon, at the point where the Atlantic ocean joins the Bristol Channel. There is no land between Lundy and America. The Island is essentially a granite outcrop, three and a half miles in length and half a mile in width. Lying in the middle of nowhere, it is unique, peaceful and unspoilt.

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Watch the video from a previous trip below

Big Squid Dive Shop

Big Squid are supplier for numerous diving manufacturers and we aim to offer the most competitive prices in the UK
We recommend that you do your research on line see what prices you find and come back to us to see if we can beat it.

WATCH: NASA”S Neutral Buoyancy Lab

Mark’s Fins

Mark Saunders who regularly dives with Big Squid has taken to recording his dive sites on the back of his fins, Amongst the exotic locations he has recorded are Komodo and Clapham.


Big Squid needs you!

Our  dive centre has gone from strength to strength, growing steadily over the years and the fact is we now need Instructors and Divemasters more than ever to help us cover our courses! Please contact us if you can help.

Portland 14th -15th April 2018

Dry Suit Divers join Big Squid on a weekend scuba diving trip to Portland.
We will be diving  dive sites comprising wrecks and reefs max depth 30m.

On Past visits to Portland we have spotted: Red Mullet, Turbot, Dogfish, Greater Pipe Fish, Lesser Sand Eel, Garfish, Tom Pot Blenny, Pollack, Mackerel, Cork Wing Wrasse, Cuttlefish. Trigger Fish, Giant Jellyfish and Spider Crabs,

Location & Accommodation

Arriving on Friday evening, we stay for 2 nights in the Royal Breakwater Hotel, steeped in rich naval history.
We depart from Portland on Sunday afternoon. Big squid cannot offer transport to and from Portland however we can try to arrange a lift for you with other members of the group on a fuel share basis.

On this trip it is possible to undertake a variety of Speciality courses.


We run several scuba diving trips abroad each year. These trips are ideal for qualified divers, and those wishing to extend their diving capabilities. Click on the links for more information

Marsa Shagra, Egypt 15th-22nd March 2018£895All Levels


Big Squid run several diving trips throughout the UK. Two of our most popular destinations are Portland in Dorset, and Wraysbury just outside London. Both are suitable for all levels of divers, and each offer their own unique UK diving experience. There are opportunities to complete courses on most of these trips. A list of other UK locations along with dates for all UK trips is given below.

Portland28-29 Apr 18£225Dry Suit Divers
Portland19-20 May 18£225All Levels
Portland16-17 Jun 18£225All Levels
Lundy07-08 Jul 18£335All levels
St Abbs04-05 Aug 18£295All levels
Portland25-26 Aug 18£225All Levels
Portland22-23 Sep 18£225All Levels
Portland06-07 Oct 18£225All Levels
Scapa Flow21-26 Oct 18£725Deep Diver (Trip Full)

Upcoming Course Dates in January – February and March

Open Water Referral Course Dates 
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Advanced Open Water Course Dates
Dry Suit Course Dates
 Enriched Air Nitrox Course Dates
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Open Water Qualifying Dives Dates

Squid Splash (Club Pool Nights)

Full course information is available here


Wraysbury Fun Dives

The Big Squid van will be at Wraysbury on the the 18th February, 25th March and the 15th April. Let us know if you wish to join us diving and we can pair you up with a buddy. We can provide full kit rental or just tanks and weights.