Welcome to the Big Squid Newsletter February 2015

Thirsty Squid night, our social evening, is on the 3rd February at the Railway Tavern in Clapham. We will be there from 7pm onwards. If you haven’t been before it’s very informal and friendly and you will be made to feel welcome.


Meet the Squidworm

In the Coral Triangle, a biodiverse area between Indonesia and the Philippines, scientists discovered this swimming polychaete (bristly worm), which they have dubbed the “squidworm.” Using a remotely operated vehicle, the researchers with the Census of Marine Zooplankton (CMarZ), a project of the Census of Marine Life, dove 1.8 miles (2,800 meters) to first discover Teuthidodrilus samae in 2007. The squidworm is named such because of the 10 tentacle-like appendages on its head, which are each longer than its whole body. It uses these to collect particles and detritus falling through the water, often called “marine snow,” for food.


Marsa Shagra dive trip in March

On the 20th March Big Squid are going to Marsa Shara in Egypt.  This  eco dive village is a great destination if you are a beginner. It allows you to consolidate your skills and enjoy some fun dives in an enviroment that is suitable for you.  You can also spend some time in the glorious sunshine and get to know like minded divers. You can find out more about the trip here


An evening with PADI 10th February

Ask the experts.
This is an opportunity to meet your regional manager from PADI and ask any questions that you may have. You can find out what your next step in diving could be and Big Squid will be unveiling brand new course packages. This will be the last night of the January sale which Big Squid are extending until the 10th February. Refreshments will be  provided and everybody is welcome regardless of qualification. Please let us know in advance if you are attending.


Big Squid Curry Night 12th February

As it’s cold and miserable at the moment, what could be better than warming ourselves up with a nice spicy curry?! (Or a mild one if you prefer)
We will meet at the Lahore Kebab House for 7pm dinner. The restaurant does not serve alcohol but does allow you to bring your own, so please bring whatever you would like to drink. Conveniently there is an off licence right next to it if you don’t fancy carrying drinks on public transport.
There are plenty of vegetarian options and they can usually cater for most dietary requirements if you tell them in advance.
Directions and further information can be found on the website here:
Please respond by joining the event See More


Big Squid UK Trips 2015

Cornwall 30-31 May £279
Pembrokeshire 20-21 June £279
Portland 29-30 August £199
Lundy 12-13 September £289
Portland 10-11 October £199

Foreign Trips 2015-2016

Marsa Shagra 20-27 March £985
Philippines 18-25 Sep  2015 £3489
Truck Lagoon 02-16 October 2016 £5199
Further details on all trips here


Upcoming Courses

Refresher 11th February
Club pool night 11th February
Discover Scuba  11th February
Dry Suit Orientation 11th February
Open Water Referral Course 14th-15th February
Refresher 15th February
Club pool night 15th February
Discover Scuba  15th February
Enriched Air Nitrox 17th  February
Emergency First Response 22nd February
Dry Suit Course 22nd February
Refresher 25th February
Discover Scuba 25th February
Club Pool night 25th February
Full course information is available here

Wraysbury Fun Dives

The Big Squid van will be headed down to Wraysbury on the 22nd February. Let us know if you wish to join us diving and we can pair you up with a buddy. We can provide full kit rental or just tanks and weights.